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Evan Godt
Editorial Director
Evan joined TriMed in 2011, writing primarily for Health Imaging. Prior to diving into medical journalism, Evan worked for the Nine Network of Public Media in St. Louis. He also has worked in public relations and education. Evan studied journalism at the University of Missouri, with an emphasis on broadcast media. He currently lives in Nashville with his wife.
 - DR at Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center

Radiation dose is one of the top concerns in imaging today, and since younger patients are the most vulnerable, reducing dose in pediatric imaging is especially important. 

 - Change, Ready

Change is in the air, can you feel it? Of course you can! You work in healthcare, change is what you do.

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Communication technology has long been credited with making the world “smaller.” But even today, some of the challenges with working across a healthcare enterprise seem quite large.

 - Evan headshot 2013

Hybrid imaging systems, particularly PET/CT, may feel like old news at this point given its adoption into clinical practice. That doesn’t mean, however, that innovation will lag in the field.

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Novel imaging techniques being developed by researchers around the world are poised to make their impact. From stroke imaging to holographic imaging, we’ve been keeping our eye on the early research findings using these new techniques.

 - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Over the last few years, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s enterprise imaging strategy has been simmering. After starting with radiology and cardiology, the hospital is preparing to add images from across all ‘ologies and fully bring its enterprise archive to a boil.

 - Evan headshot 2013

The challenge before radiology is clear: boost the value provided by the specialty (and don’t be shy about it). 3D printing offers just one such way of boosting value beyond interpretations.

 - tradeshow, meeting

Every year, the HIMSS annual meeting tackles the biggest issues in healthcare informatics, and managing medical images is always a big topic of discussion. This year’s focus is on enterprise imaging and the inherent challenges with managing different types of images from the various specialties around a hospital or system.

 - Evan headshot 2013

Managing medical images has always been a Herculean undertaking, even when the image types were contained to the “traditional” modalities of radiology. Now that an avalanche of different image types are coming down from all over the enterprise, will providers be snowed under?

 - Evan headshot 2013

CT colonography (CTC), the advanced alternative to standard optical colonoscopy, has seen growing adoption, is apparently preferred by patients, and while there’s continuing research on the questions of costs, some studies find it to be the most cost-effective option. But what do radiologists think?