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Jamie Bellavance

Nuclear medicine departments across the country have integrated newimage management models that facilitate nuclear medicine data flow tobenefit department and enterprise workflow.

You don’t have to work in a large hospital to take full advantage ofenterprise-wide PACS. Exeter Hospital, a 100-bed community hospital inExeter, N.H., is thriving proof of how smaller, community hospitals canafford and benefit from PACS by streamlining workflow and increasingdepartment and staff efficiency.

To ensure consistent, high-quality care at retail health care clinicsnationwide, the Convenient Care Association (CCA), the non-profitorganization for the Convenient Care Industry (CCI), has issued 10mandatory standards of care for its member organizations that operatemore than 300 retail clinics in 21 states.
Some injured soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center are nowfacing financial problems, in addition to unsanitary conditions,because the Department of Veterans Affairs struggles to approvedisability claims in a timely manner. Some veterans are forced to waittwo years before they receive funds to pay for their living expensesand other financial needs.

With image volumes surging every day, hospitals and imaging centers running out of disk space on their PACS are looking for ways to upgrade infrastructure to expand capacity.

Streamlining radiation oncology workflow and boosting productivity in progressive facilities and departments large and small.

Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are ahead of the U.S. insetting privacy policies that allow more patient control and the rightto restrict the flow of their health information, according to a new study.