Across the Atlantic, an old institution reboots around innovation in medical imaging

A new ultrasound system for diagnosing breast cancer is among several imaging innovations in the works at the U.K.’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London.

The development is part of a “re-launch” of the 117-year-old institution. More than medical imaging is involved, but radiology and its kin clearly comprise one of the reboot’s key components.

The aim of the NPL’s new beginning is to “help ensure the U.K. continues to lead the world in translating life sciences research, accelerating access to new diagnosis and treatment techniques, and helping to support rapid adoption of advanced healthcare technologies across the country,” according to a news item in Drug Target Review.

Other imaging-based projects in the re-launch involve thermal mapping of diabetes patients, multi-modality mass spectrometry for tumor visualization—and an entire center dedicated to supporting imaging vendors in their R&D endeavors.

“Working closely with a broad range of stakeholders,” the outlet reports, “NPL will ensure that the latest measurement techniques and best practice to assess, validate and commission innovative imaging technologies are developed and widely adopted.”

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