AHIMA Highlights
American Health Information Management Association | Oct. 15-20 | San Diego

The Commission on Systemic Interoperability (CSI) released its report to Congress which suggests steps to create a connected nationwide system of health information. To advance the adoption of health IT the CSI suggests these steps:
  • Adopt and implement financial and other incentives
  • Revise or eliminate regulations that prevent entities from working together for interoperability
  • An annual report on the adoption gaps
  • To advance interoperability:
  • Product certification for information technology products
  • Use of interoperable, non-overlapping data standards
A panel of presenters also discussed methods for addressing the alarming shortage of health IT workers. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of clinical sites where students can gain practical experience.

The imaging field has a great demand for those who have completed a two-year associate's degree and then gone on to learn more advanced and specialized imaging skills. For example, diagnostic sonography and radiation therapy are two emerging areas. However, this region has no educational programs for either right now, which is an example of what needs to change.