Allocade updates operations management software
Allocade has begun offering new capabilities for its On-Cue operations management software suite including electronic protocoling and an enterprise viewer to facilitate communications and manage operations for clinical staff.

On-Cue’s artificial intelligence engine orchestrates patient flow and adapts to disruptions as they occur, enabling a time-tagged list of each patient’s preparation and procedure events that adapts in real time as conditions change, according to the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company.

The new capabilities for On-Cue were developed with input from customers, and include:
  • An enterprise viewer, allowing access to the software suite from anywhere in the hospital and from any device that is browser-enabled such as smart phones and tablets with access to the hospital’s network.
  • Electronic protocoling enabling doctors, nurses and technologists to collaborate in preparation for procedures and while in progress.
  • A portable equipment component that manages the impacts to schedules when staff and equipment transition to portable systems in the hospital.