Arkansas hospital upgrades with new Eclipsys Sunrise Enterprise 5.5
Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff, Ark., will be the first Eclipsys client to deploy Sunrise Enterprise 5.5, Eclipsys' latest suite of integrated EHR software. The entire hospital will upgrade, and initial activation is scheduled for late April, Eclipsys said.

Sunrise Enterprise 5.5 represents an uplift to Eclipsys' EHR software and includes Helios, an open architecture platform designed to promote the exchange of data. Helios enables clients and certified third parties to natively integrate their applications with Eclipsys' enterprise programs, the company said.

Sunrise Enterprise 5.5 is designed to alleviate two of healthcare's biggest challenges: how to promote physician adoption of technology and rapid technology innovation, Eclipsys said. In addition to upgrades to Eclipsys' fully integrated acute-care EHR suite, Sunrise Enterprise 5.5 delivers extended functionality to the company's integrated scheduling, registration, pharmacy, ambulatory and emergency department solutions.

According to Eclipsys, new features and enhancements in the Sunrise Enterprise 5.5 release include:

  • "Smart alert" functions based on physician experience or percentage change thresholds to help prevent alert fatigue;
  • Embedded clinical documentation interoperability and data exchange with use of industry-standard vocabularies;
  • Ability to open and work in multiple patient charts simultaneously;
  • Enhanced documentation of allergies, intolerances and adverse events;
  • Access to clinician and patient portals, including patient access to electronic discharge instruction;
  • A new "sidebar" for single sign-on and context management with third-party system; and
  • An integrated analytics solution, Sunrise Clinical Analytics, designed to extract and transform data from Eclipsys' EHR software to automate quality reporting.