EHNAC seeks comment on HIE accreditation program
The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), a nonprofit standards development organization and accrediting body, has made available for public comment the second stage of its Health Information Exchange (HIE) Accreditation Program.

Compared to the first phase of the  program’s public review in February, which focused on privacy and security, technical performance, business practices and organizational resources, the second phase explicitly addresses HIE-specific policies as developed by the HIE advisory board, according to the Farmington, Conn.-based organization.

After the public review period, which ends Aug. 13, the criteria committee and HIE advisory board will incorporate public comments and revisions for commission review and approval.

Final HIE Accreditation Program criteria is scheduled to be available for release to the public on Sept. 23. Those interested in participating in this phase of the public review may visit the criteria page on the EHNAC website, the nonprofit firm said.