Google selects MIEs EHR for its medical center
Google has chosen the WebChart Enterprise Health EHR solution from Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) for its onsite employee health clinics in Mountain View, Calif., and Kirkland, Wash.

The MIE Enterprise Health EHR will integrate with the Google Health personal health record (PHR) product, enabling Google employees to send their health records to the onsite health center EHR prior to a visit. Medical information documented in the EHR during a clinical encounter can then be sent back to the employee's Google Health Account for inclusion in their personal health record, according to the Fort Wayne, Ind.-based MIE.

WebChart EMR is a web-based, longitudinal patient record with modules that include full document management, dictation, transcription, exam template, order entry, med entry, prescription support and patient education, MIE said.