HIMSS collaborates to improve use of health IT in treating children
The National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) and HIMSS Analytics have aligned to jointly impact and make a positive difference with the use of health IT in the treatment of children.

The affiliation builds on the strengths of both organizations and their use of health IT to improve the delivery of patient care, HIMSS said. Instead of duplicating similar data collection efforts, NACHRI will encourage its 215 members to participate in the current web-based annual IT survey tool developed and in use by HIMSS Analytics.

The web-based survey has been active for several years in the hospital industry to collect much of this data, according to the Chicago-based HIMSS.

“We are excited about the benefits this collaboration will mean to our members and how NACHRI will derive a richer source of information regarding the status of IT use within the membership in support of our mission to help build better healthcare for all children,” said Rick Moore, NACHRI’s director.

Organizations completing the IT study will receive their EMR Adoption ModelSM score along with more than 40 benchmarking reports comparing their industry peers with their own internal health IT operations.

“By measuring the EMR adoption model score of NACHRI members, HIMSS Analytics will be able to provide a detailed profile of how they are using health IT,” said Dave Garets, president and CEO, HIMSS Analytics. “This information is valuable to both the participating organizations and the industry because it documents the benefits of implementing and integrating information technology in healthcare.”
About half of the NACHRI-member hospitals now participate in the HIMSS Analytics annual IT study process. As part of the information exchange between the two organizations, NACHRI will receive all data collected on its member organizations by HIMSS.

The data supplies a timely synopsis of the current health IT environment of NACHRI members and helps support its ongoing federal advocacy efforts for the adoption of health IT, according to HIMSS.