HIMSS: EDIMS showcases workflow management apps
EDIMS showcased its workflow management applications for emergency departments (EDs) from registration to disposition at the recent HIMSS conference in Atlanta.

The applications were developed over the last 25 years for internal use, according to the Livingston, N.J.-based company, which began commercial marketing and sales of the EDIMS system in 2008. “We found hospitals coming to us saying ‘We want your software,’” said John Fontanetta, MD, chief medical officer of EDIMS.

Designed by and for practicing ED clinicians, EDIMS documents every step in the ED workflow, working to keep charting time to a minimum while generating EMR records that are complete, legible, accurate and compliant, according to the company.

EDIMS workflow management applications include immediate access to patient records, intuitive charting from triage to disposition, pre-built chief complaint templates and order sets, and comprehensive and compliant capture of procedures, supplies and equipment, including infusions and injections, the company stated.

“EDIMS brings in operational changes to the departments that it goes into and that’s one of the things we are most proud of,” said Fontanetta. “For example, our electronic physician order entries are used 100 percent everywhere that EDIMS is installed because our electronic order entry is easier than going onto paper, so doctors use it.”

Posing another example, Fontanetta noted that one of the biggest problems in EDs is getting nurses and doctors to complete their charts. “EDIMS has a report that can be used by hospitals that associates a fine to physicians for incomplete records,” he said.

The EDIMS system also includes charting where EDIMS’ nursing and physician documentation are designed to support workflow without interrupting it, according to the company. All charges are captured–without additional clinician input–and output to billing is seamless, the company said.

Clinicians can also access a patient's history, clinical documentation, lab results, demographics, prescriptions and discharge instructions through the patient's record and EDIMS’ Nursing Dashboard provides a quick view to ED status to support resource allocation, track outstanding orders and highlight patient information, according to the company.

According to EDIMS, the system documents procedures and equipment, keeping a record of any supplies used in caring for the patient. Infusions and injections are tracked, with start and stop times recorded and justifications and mandatory fields further ensure regulatory compliance, the company added.