HIMSS: Zanett and St. Vincent Health present CODS
Technology company Zanett (Booth # 5451) and St. Vincent Health will present the new, jointly developed Clinical Online Delivery System (CODS) software at the Microsoft Health Users Group Exchange during HIMSS10 in Atlanta on Feb. 28.

Vince Vickers, senior vice president of Healthcare Solutions for Zanett, and Alan Snell, MD, CMIO at St. Vincent Health, will be presenting CODS at the Microsoft Health Users Group Exchange at 11:30 am.

According to the New York-based Zanett, CODS was developed for hospitals without a fully implemented EMR system. It serves as a “bridge” strategy toward moving to computerized physician order entry, the company added.

CODS is accessed via a Web browser and is integrated with an existing secure physician portal site which allows physicians to select their desired order items via the browser or mobile device and enables them to print a customized form of hospital admitting or transfer orders for their signature, Zanett stated.