HIPAA 5010 testing service goes live
The Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) has launched DISAcert, an automated, scenario-based online testing service to ensure compliance with new 5010 transaction standards related to HIPAA.

Developed in a partnership between DISA, Foresight and e-Emergence, the DISAcert tool checks 5010 migration readiness through:
  • A validation tool;
  • Progress reports and detailed testing scorecards;
  • Error messages presented in test results;
  • Exclusive information behind detailed condition changes from 4010A1 to 5010 standards, backed by DISA;
  • A knowledge base and concierge service, with facilitated interpretation reviews by standards experts; and
  • Promotion of 5010 DISAcert certified organizations in the official online directory.

Users upload test files, while DISAcert’s scenario detection manager identifies the elements being tested, provides results files and tracks progress with scorecards, according to the association. An online, searchable directory of certified users allows trading partners to know that DISAcert entities are ready for testing.