IBM, Beijing Goodwill develop cardio mgmt system for China
IBM and Beijing Goodwill Information and Technology, a provider of electronic cardiogram systems in China, have developed the first all-in-one electronic cardiogram management system in China.

The system assists hospitals in analyzing patient information generated from electrocardiography (ECG) exam reports to gain real-time insight and better detect cardiovascular diseases with more accuracy. With the system, physicians are able to deliver ECG tests and diagnoses by tapping into a data bank of centralized ECG information, IBM stated.

Enabled by IBM's technology, the new system includes the Beijing Goodwill's electronic cardiogram suite of professional applications and medical devices--such as Holter systems, treadmill stress machines and patient monitors--as an all-in-one tool for hospitals.

Through the technology, doctors can retrieve and view patients' current and past cardiogram data, which is stored centrally, as well as medical reports, scientific research and teaching materials online. In addition, the analytics tools of the system automate the examination and online diagnosis of results in real time, IBM added.