IBM launches new 'streaming' computing system
IBM has released InfoSphere Streams, a computing system that analyzes massive volumes of information-in-motion from a multitude of real-time sources.

This capability increases decision making in fields such as healthcare, astronomy, manufacturing and financial trading, according to the Armonk, N.Y.-based company.

IBM said its InfoSphere Streams provides an execution platform and services for user-developed applications that ingest, filter, analyze and correlate potentially massive volumes of continuous data streams. It supports the composition of new applications in the form of stream processing graphs that can be created on the fly, mapped to a variety of hardware configurations, adapted as requests come and go and relative priorities shift.

InfoSphere Streams supports structured and unstructured streaming data sources, such as images, audio, voice, VoIP, video, TV, radio, email, chat, GPS data, financial transaction data, satellite data, sensors and badge swipes. It is supported by the Linux operating system.