IDS releases Reforma 3.0 barcode forms manager
Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) has released Reforma 3.0 bar-coded forms management system.

The new version will accelerate EHR readiness through scanning automation, the Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-company said. Reforma 3.0 generates bar-coded intake forms pre-populated with specific patient and visit information. When scanned, the pages are sorted, indexed and routed to the corresponding electronic patient chart in the provider’s health information management system.

According to IDS, the new version features:
  • Bar-coded labels: Users can now produce bar-coded labels to also automate the scanning and routing of external documents such as pathology results, faxes and other correspondence.
  • Compact barcodes: A new barcode format can be placed vertically or horizontally on the page, increasing available white space.
  • Integration with AbbaDox Worklist: Bar-coded forms can now be printed through the company’s AbbaDox workflow portal through the Pending Cases bin –  a worklist of patient visits that enables users to select the desired method of documentation for each patient encounter, including speech recognition, a template or normal or an e-form.
  • Routing codes: A routing code printed directly below the barcode allows users to manually index and route documents in the event that a barcode is rendered unreadable by a pen mark or another mishap.