Industry round-up: CIVCO Medical Solutions, EMC, EnovateIT, Rubbermaid Medical Solutions

CIVCO Medical Solutions announces the release of a new needle guidance system for use with Aloka’s UST-9133 transducer on the Alpha 10 (Version 6 and above) ultrasound systems. This needle guidance system is designed to increase the productivity of ultrasound-guided procedures including tissue biopsy, fluid aspirations and catheter placement. In addition, the single-use design of the needle guide reduces the risk of cross-contamination and increases patient throughput.  

CIVCO’s needle guidance systems utilize a two-part system consisting of a custom reusable biopsy bracket and a disposable snap-on needle guide. Together, these tools offer physicians reduced technique variability, providing a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time. Multi-angle brackets offer professionals different angles for needle placement. Once the desired angle has been selected, a stainless steel pin locks the angle securely into position. The biopsy depths for this multi-angle bracket are 4.78cm and 14.4cm. The Ultra-Pro II needle guide now incorporates additional flexibility and features to increase productivity during ultrasound-guided procedures. The needle guide directs instruments according to on-screen software guidelines and features a larger tab for improved quick-release function, allowing easy detachment of the needle from the transducer.
EMC Corporation has released new versions of its e-mail and file system archiving software to further simplify management of crucial electronically stored information (ESI) to meet internal and external governance requirements. EMC EmailXtender 4.8 software gives customers a new, flexible approach to e-mail archiving, enabling administrators to easily monitor archive operational efficiency. The new EMC DiskXtender 6.2 for Windows file system archiving software enables customers to easily search single or multiple file systems, making electronic discovery more accurate, fast and affordable.
Andy Cohen, EMC’s vice president of compliance solutions and associate general counsel, said, “EMC’s latest software enhancements can help organizations become more proactive in the management of their ESI, not only to address IT operational efficiencies like faster backup and tiered storage, but also to drive down costs and risks through faster and simpler retention management, search and the ability to produce information in a more timely, cost-effective manner.”
EmailXtender software’s user-directed archiving functionality provides a new approach to archiving e-mail. Corporate users can categorize emails as business records and therefore determine which messages should be archived.
The new version of DiskXtender for Windows software expands policy-based file system archiving, which migrates inactive data off production storage to archive disk, tape or optical devices. And with a new search module, DiskXtender for Windows software delivers comprehensive file index and search across DiskXtender-managed drives on servers, direct attached storage and storage area networks, allowing managers to easily locate both active and archived files for audit, analysis and legal discovery.
Southern Ocean County Hospital of Manahawkin, N.J., has adopting an electronic medication administration record (eMAR). To facilitate this critical technology adoption, the hospital worked with EnovateIT, a health IT integrator, to create a mobile eMAR system for the point of care.
The system includes a Rubbermaid Medical Solutions medication cart, laptop, and infection control keyboard/mouse. It is designed to help clinicians on the medical and surgical floors more easily transition from the paper-based medication administration to the hospital’s new Meditech electronic medication administration program.
The Rubbermaid Medical Solutions medication transfer system is designed to provide efficient, accurate medication transfer between the hospital’s pharmacy and the medication carts on the nursing floors.
EnovateIT will provide demonstrations of the Rubbermaid Medical Solutions medication cart at ANIA in Las Vegas, April 27-28 and at AACN, May 22-24, in Atlanta.