Ingenix acquires AIM Healthcare Services
Ingenix, a health IT and consulting company, has acquired AIM Healthcare Services, and its affiliated companies, Netwerkes and Ingram & Associates.

AIM provides payment accuracy solutions for U.S. healthcare payor and hospital clients. 

The Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Ingenix and the Franklin, Tenn.-based AIM have received all necessary regulatory approvals and will complete the transaction effective as of the close of business June 1. Terms of the all-cash transaction were not disclosed.

Through its universal connectivity platform Intellijet, its network of payor and provider clients and its on-site teams of healthcare experts, AIM said it will contribute to existing Ingenix solutions for preventing, detecting and correcting errors throughout the claims lifecycle.  AIM said its portfolio will add to Ingenix's coordination of benefits capabilities, particularly for federal and state government payor clients.

Ingenix and AIM will offer a single source for payment accuracy solutions for health plans and hospitals. Payors and hospitals can identify and reconcile payment inaccuracies, and will no longer need to engage with multiple parties to achieve payment integrity. AIM said its ability to connect hospitals and payors as a neutral third party, identify payment errors and offer corrective solutions enhances transparency.