MDnetwork, M*Modal enter strategic partnership
MDnetwork, a provider of transcription, coding and integrated healthcare data solutions, and M*Modal have partnered to combine both companies’ services to deliver more accurate, complete and actionable clinical documentation.

Through the partnership, MDnetwork clients will be able to take advantage of M*Modal’s speech understanding technology, AnyModal CDS, which combines speech recognition and natural language understanding to capture and comprehend clinical information from dictation, transforming it directly into accessible, retrievable and shareable electronic files, M*Modal said.

Michael Finke, CEO of M*Modal, said that MDnetwork leverages the transcription and document management process for hospitals, clinics, and physician offices to deliver a higher quality clinical document that adds value and drives secondary processes, including coding and EMR integration.

The resulting structured data easily integrates into existing PACS, RIS and EHRs by creating a Meaningful Clinical Document, which allows for communication functions not currently possible with conventional transcribed text reports, according to Pittsburgh, Pa.-based M*Modal.

By following healthcare industry reporting standards (HL7 CDA), data can be accessed, edited and reviewed across departments through a number of flexible formats. Additionally, the technology supports streamlined report sharing across multi-vendor healthcare practitioners and facilities, the company said.

“By integrating AnyModal CDS technology into the MDnetwork toolset, critical data is validated, encoded and made available to legacy systems, coding operations, chronic disease management programs, pay-for-performance initiatives, study and treatment protocols, and outcomes analysis and peer review. It is also made available for integrating into EMRs and distributed EHR environments,” said Bard B. Betz, CEO, MDnetwork.