NAHIT CEO steps down; board considers reorganization
Scott Wallace, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Health Information Technology since 2003, has resigned, and the board of directors at the Alliance is considering what changes are needed in the organization.

Alliance Board Chairman Curt Selquist, who is serving as interim CEO, said the board is taking stock, considering the best way forward since much still remains to be done before interoperable health IT is pervasive in the United States. “We need to be aggressive in pursuit of these outcomes,” Selquist said, according to Government Health IT.

The Alliance has been developing consensus definitions for major health IT terms under a contract from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.

“While there have been unprecedented advances in the adoption and use of health IT, there is enormous unfulfilled potential that needs be realized sooner rather than later. This will require new strategies and tactics and a different operating structure,” Selquist said in a statement.

Wallace served as chairman of the Commission on Systemic Interoperability, a congressionally created body that produced a report and recommendations in 2005, according to the Alliance.