Netc@rds to be released in Europe
Netc@rds has moved to the second phase of its European Netc@ards project, an online service for the electronic European health insurance card initiative, according to a report from eHealth Europe.

The Netc@rds project was created to implement and evaluate technical solutions for the eEHIC and to improve additional services such as inter-European health costs clearing/billing processing, according to the European Commission Information Society and Media.

The existing service will be extended to enable “non-planned” healthcare access for European mobile citizens who can provide proof of enrollment in the national insurance scheme.

Phase two will establish and evaluate a number of large scale “eEHIC advanced demonstrators” and will build on market validation work already conducted by the main health insurance providers and the national clearing houses from Austria, France, Germany and Greece under the first phase of the project, the European Commission said.

A commission spokesperson added that phase two aims to “establish and demonstrate new improved healthcare administration services for mobile citizens across the EU.”