PETLinQ now available in Spanish
PETLinQ IQ and PETLinQ Solutions are now available in both English and Spanish, according to IBA Molecular, the sole provider of PETLinQ products.

PETLinQ IQ is an array of online and hardcopy resources that can be used to market, educate and establish successful relationships with the physicians that refer patients to a PET imaging center.

PETLinQ Solutions is a personalized program that offers proven business solutions, clinical solutions, IT solutions and RIS/Billing solutions, to help a PET center increase its ROI, IBA Molecular said.

“This is only the first of many languages that we are embracing,” said Peter Webner, vice president of product development for IBA Molecular. “We are operating in a global environment and to meet the needs of the imaging centers we serve around the world, it is necessary to offer our services in their native languages. Therefore, over the next 24 months, we intend to translate PETLinQ into eight more languages.”