Philips debuts new USB dictation software licensing tool
Royal Philips Electronics has launched the USB Smart Key, a licensing tool that allows dictation software licenses to be uploaded to any computer.

Philips is the first company to offer such a tool, which replaces current dongles and older security codes that had to be manually typed in. The USB Smart Key is now packaged with Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate and Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe, as well as Transcribe software packages, the company said.

The USB Smart Key can simply be inserted into a USB port and the software will automatically access the license stored on the key. The license can then be easily transferred to a computer with the touch of a download button and, after download is complete, the key is no longer needed for licensing and users can work on that computer without having to keep and carry a dongle.

If a user wishes to work with the dictation software on an office computer as well as a computer at home, the USB Smart Key allows the user to switch from one computer to another without having to purchase a second license, Philips said.

The licensing tool continuously indicates the license status by a colored LED. If the tool’s integrated LED is green, the USB Smart Key contains a full license. An orange LED indicates that the tool includes a 30-day license that can be used once it has been downloaded to a computer. If the USB Smart Key no longer contains a valid license, the LED will be red.

The USB Smart Key also contains a 30-day crash recovery license. If a user has downloaded the license to a PC that later crashes, he or she can immediately continue working with the digital dictation software on another computer.

“At Philips, we progressed from the classic security codes to licensing dongles that eliminated the need to manually type in a key during software installation,” said.

Thomas Brauner, CEO of Philips Speech Processing.  “With the USB Smart Key, however, we developed a tool that fulfills security requirements for licensing a professional application and at the same time provides our customers with the utmost simplicity, mobility and convenience.”