Philips opens remote support center
For patient care in North American, South American and Latin American markets, Philips has opened the doors to its healthcare Customer Care Solutions Center in Alpharetta, Georgia offering technology and local expertise to remotely support hospitals in keeping their equipment running.

The Philips Customer Care Solutions Center features a network that enables data downloads and image information, the company stated. Additionally, Philips said that the center is equipped with actual pieces of medical equipment so that technicians can attempt to replicate the problem without ever having to leave a call or put the customer on hold.

According to the Philips, the center handles 2,500 inquiries a day on average and more than a third of those are able to be fixed remotely. Service can be offered at a customer’s request, but often the medical equipment itself can send an alert to the service center and issues can be addressed or fixed remotely, according to the company.