Platform enables medical devices to communicate wirelessly
Cambridge Consultants has debuted its Vena platform, a software solution on a single chip that allows medical devices to transmit data wirelessly.

The development gives consumers, especially those with chronic conditions, the ability to monitor their own health accurately, systematically and independently, according to the Cambridge, Mass.-based company.

The platform uses low-cost wireless technology and will allow devices to deliver medical readings to a central monitor located in the home, or even to an online health record, such as Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault.

The Vena software solution can be added to a medical device using hardware with a potential cost of less than $10 at the appropriate volumes and could even be available in medical devices by the end of 2008, Cambridge Consultants said.

Successfully concept tested with a pulse oximeter and weighing scales, the Vena platform will be expanded to include other types of devices including blood pressure monitors. The Vena platform can be used with multiple devices providing a connection to online records through a monitoring station, home PC or set top box.

In addition to Bluetooth, the platform has full TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) implementation, which allows Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections.