Radianse launches plug-and-play Wi-Fi receivers
Radianse has debuted new receivers that work with hospitals' existing Wi-Fi networks for a real-time location system installation free of dust or other disruption to care. 

"We are not a Wi-Fi location company," said Paul Tessier, Radianse chief strategy officer.  "Rather, this offers the best of both worlds to the hospital that simply wants to leverage an investment in Wi-Fi. We use the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for what it was intended -- to transmit data - and the Radianse location technology for accuracy and precision across both asset and patient tracking and other clinically-relevant applications.  Our clients need to know that a patient is in triage, not just in the ED; and that a device is clean and ready, not just that it's in the unit."

To assure hospitals of interference-free operation, accurate room-level precision and support for patient tracking, throughput and clinical effectiveness applications, Radianse will continue to use its algorithms, active-RFID and the 433 MHz UHF band to calculate location, according to the Andover, Mass.-based company.