The Results Are In! 2010 Health Imaging Top Trends Survey

Every year, Health Imaging & IT does a deep-dive into the results of our annual survey to unravel the details of how imaging and IT decision-makers are grappling with the complex demands of operating and managing a radiology department or imaging center.

This year, three R’s—reimbursement, revenue and the recession—dominate the landscape.

We’ve put the comprehensive results online within a story and accompanying slide deck, along with slide decks dedicated to five facility types: multihospital organization/health system/IDN, community and regional hospital, imaging center, physician group practice and academic medical center.

Within this year's results, you’ll find details on how facilities are increasing their referral base, where they are marketing, where they are increasing and decreasing staff, which IT, imaging devices and clinical IT systems
top the buying list, and much more!

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