ACC 08 Preview
American College of Cardiology
Annual Meeting • Mar. 29 - Apr. 1 • Chicago

Nearly 30,000 attendees will descend on the Windy City this month for the 57th Annual American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Sessions and Exposition. “This is THE gathering place for cardiovascular professionals, no matter their specialty,” said ACC President James T. Dove, MD. He added that the push for healthcare reform amid calls for cost effectiveness and quality reporting are a unifying influence of this year’s meeting.

What follows is an overview of vendor products to be showcased at the meeting. Look for an emphasis on cardiovascular information systems, along with diagnostic imaging modalities, that offer enhanced workflow, better patient management, and improved outcomes.

  Agfa HealthCare’s Impax CV
Agfa HealthCare
(Booth 18001) is showcasing Impax CV, a vendor-neutral, patient-centric approach to the access and management of diagnostic images and information. Impax CV, which presents and analyzes cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, non-invasive vascular ultrasound, nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT images and ECG data to create a single, integrated cardiovascular information solution with tightly integrated structured results management.

Digirad (Booth 6076) is demonstrating its work-in-progress, Cardius X-ACT, a SPECT system. It uses the Cardius-3 XPO camera’s solid-state detectors with an x-ray tube. The X-ACT attenuation correction approach exploits the high-count rate capabilities of solid-state detectors and takes advantage of the full 24-inch-wide triple-head detector geometry to eliminate truncation.

  Digisonics DigiNet Pro
Digisonics (Booth 9029) is showcasing the DigiView Image Management & Reporting System that combines image review workstations, a PACS image archive, a clinical database, comprehensive measurements and calculations package and configurable reporting. DigiNet Pro provides web-based access to the cardiovascular image management and reporting system. WebView secures online viewing and the Digisonics Rolodex automates transmission of finalized reports. 

eHealth Global Technologies (Booth 11056) is introducing medical record management services. eHealthConnect replaces ad hoc data collection with a systematic method; eHealthShare provides patient data from community-based hospitals and clinics to the referring physician; and eHealthLoader helps organizations transition to digital.

Emageon (Booth 6119)  is spotlighting its HeartSuite offering, a comprehensive suite of adult and pediatric cardiovascular tools offering cardiovascular information management, hemodynamic monitoring, advanced visualization and content management to improve staff productivity, automate complex medical imaging workflow, lower total cost of ownership and provide better service to physicians and patients.  And introducing its new integrated Web reporting.

  GE Healthcare’s Vivid S5
GE Healthcare
(Booth 3075) is exhibiting a variety of cardiac imaging and IT capabilities, including the Vivid S5, the Vivid S6 and the Vivid 7 Dimension ’08 that adds Ultra-definition Technology. The Vivid e adds a fully integrated, three-connector, docking cart. It also expands GE’s compact product line by offering a complete cardiac feature set with additional transducers and adding stress echo for 2008.

In cardiac CT, the LightSpeed VCT with SnapShot Pulse offers improved dose reduction results for diagnostic cardiac and neuro perfusion CT exams. In IT, GE is featuring the redesigned Centricity Cardiology suite that lets MacLab Administrator, Centricity Cardiology Lab Manager and Centricity CVIS work together to ensure accuracy and optimize clinical workflow.

Marine Polymer Technologies (Booth 20095) is showcasing its line of Syvek hemostasis products—Syvek Classic, Syvek SP, Syvek NT, Excel, MRDH. Syvek Excel is intended for use following femoral vascular catheterization procedures and the Syvek NT is for use in the local management of bleeding wounds such as vascular access sites.

McKesson (Booth 10012) is highlighting its Horizon Cardiology, a complete cardiovascular information solution (CVIS) that includes fully integrated hemodynamic monitoring and ECG management. Built on a singular platform, Horizon Cardiology integrates reports, images, waveforms and measurements into a central cardiac patient file.

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems (Booth 9035) is showcasing its Enterprise Practice Management System, and the NextGen EMR, which features extensive cardiology workflow content and device integration.

  NovaRad’s Cardio PACS
NovaRad (Booth 10035) is releasing a new version of its NovaCardio PACS that meets the image access and reading needs of the hospital cath lab and echo. Enhancements in the latest version include: storage management; hanging protocols; click-once web viewer; patient CD; cine tools with series thumbnails for drag-and-drop to cine views and auto cine when opening a study and automated physician reports.

  Stent image acquired on Philips Brilliance CT system
Philips Healthcare (Booth 6000) is highlighting its Allura Xper suite that includes 3D-Coronary Angiography (Allura 3D-CA) for 3D modeling and StentBoost to assist stent deployment. With the ability to transfer CT volumes from the Philips Brilliance CT to the Allura Xper systems, CT TrueView helps interventionalists select the optimal projection angle to minimize foreshortening, without using additional radiation in the cath lab.

For CT, Philips is featuring its Essence technology, a combination of x-ray tube, detector system and reconstruction design elements. The new Brilliance 64 with Essence technology is a 64-channel CT technology.

For molecular imaging and nuclear medicine, Philips is showcasing the Precedence SPECT/CT, CardioMD 90-degree nuclear cardiology camera and Astonish reconstruction software. 

For echocardiography, the iE33 intelligent echo system is on display as well as its Live 3D Echo technology, using xMATRIX technology.

To reduce door-to-balloon times, Philips is displaying the HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator, Philips ECG Transfer Station and the Philips TraceMasterVue ECG management solution.

ProSolv CardioVascular (Booth 2049), a FujiFilm company, is highlighting the latest release of its ProSolv CardioVascular version 4.0, which features the integration of its radiology PACS application, Synapse, with ProSolv CardioVascular to give ProSolv users access to Synapse radiology data from one workstation, with a single sign-on and familiar user interface.

  RADinfo Systems PowerPACS DICOMmail
RADinfo Systems
(Booth 1026) is displaying its secured version of PowerPACS DICOMmail software, which converts JPEG and BMP images into DICOM format. The user can view the images in the RADinfo’s Basic RSVS Viewer after an internet download of the DICOMmail application.

Sony Medical (Booth 26029) is showing printers and other peripherals for digital cardiac imaging, including the UP-D77MD model color dye-sublimation DICOM imager; the UP-D74XRD DICOM high-speed monochrome digital imager, and the FilmStation dry film imager.

Sony also is displaying the DVO-1000MD, a medical-grade DVD recorder with DVOFAST recording technology for removal of a recorded disk in less than two minutes.

Sage Software Healthcare (Booth 11041) is introducing the Enterprise Desktop and featuring the Intergy by Sage practice management system version 4.0. The company also is featuring Intergy EHR by Sage EHR system version 4.0, including orders management that allows the user to track status, post charges, print correspondence, record results, add to encounter and integrate lab requests in a single task.

ScImage (Booth 13005) is demonstrating its management solution, automatic measurement update between the echo viewer and report generator, automatic sequence identification and viewing protocols for two-stage and four-stage stress echo viewing, a DSA pre-processing module that provides auto viewing of subtracted images over the web and gated SPECT and nuclear stress test images can be viewed from anywhere using the web-based solution.

Siemens Medical Solutions (Booth 3006) is featuring the Artis  zee family and the Somatom Definition’s dual source technology. 

In MRI, Siemens’ is featuring total imaging matrix (Tim) technology and the Tim application suite.

In molecular imaging, Siemens is demonstrating its cardiology solutions, including, Symbia SPECT, Symbia SPECT/CT and Biograph PET/CT systems. Siemens Biograph 64 has a new TruePoint PET/CT technology package that performs CT angiography and myocardial perfusion and viability in a single exam. Siemens also is highlighting PETNET to access biomarkers.

In echocardiography, Siemens is featuring the Acuson X300, AcuNav ultrasound catheters, the Acuson Sequoia ultrasound system and the Acuson Cypress Plus cardiovascular ultrasound system.

  Terason’s Echo Ultrasound Systeml
Terason (Booth 12107) is launching the new 2008 CardioValue on the Terason Echo Ultrasound System, which provides superior 2D image quality and sensitivity of color doppler and spectral doppler quality. The 2008 CardioValue features a new ergonomic slide-out user console, a new comprehensive measurement package, and the FAST Stress application.

  Image acquired on Toshiba’s Aplio echocardiography system
Toshiba America Medical Systems
(Booth 8001) is introducing the Aplio Artida echocardiography system with real-time, multi-planar reformatting capabilities that allows physicians to quantify global and regional LV function.

Toshiba is introducing Advanced Image Processing (AIP) technology for the Infinix x-ray product line. The technologies include programmable image display; reduced background noise for fluoroscopic and digital acquisition imaging; improved device and vessel visualization; improved resolution in dark areas; and improved dynamic range.

Toshiba is previewing images from the Vantage Titan MR system and is introducing a fourth-generation, contrast-free imaging technique, Time and Space Angiography.

For CT, the company is introducing new software that automatically reduces radiation dose during CT exams, and unlike other step and shoot methods, SURECardio Prospective reduces breath holds for better patient compliance while reducing radiation dose as much as 80 percent with no increase in contrast.

  Vital Images ViTAL Enterprise Solution
Vital Images
(Booth 22025) is featuring its ViTAL Enterprise Solution. The combined workstation and web-client solution enables cardiovascular web-based analysis and distribution capabilities. Web-client enhancements in the ViTALConnect 4.1 release include new cardiovascular tools, and EP planning application, ViTAL EP, contains a 3D visualization and modeling tool for the EP lab.