Agfa HealthCare
Agfa HealthCare (Booth 7810) is showcasing a host of its infrastructure, management and viewing technologies, such as Impax Data Center, Impax Mobility, Impax Scheduling, Impax RIS/PACS and Impax Cardiovascular.

Agfa's Impax Data Center provides large-scale multimedia storage for all types of DICOM 3.0 medical images and diagnostic results, as well as DICOM encapsulated non-imaging objects such as waveforms, structured reports and PDFs. It can be part of any existing or new Agfa PACS, or exist in legacy or multi-vendor environments. The company is also displaying a work-in-progress view technology, Impax Data Center Viewer--a zero-download medical imaging web-based viewer--that tackles the task of delivering images and information to care providers across a range of technological and physical barriers.

Also on display is the company's Impax Mobility, a web-deployable enterprise image and result viewer that can operate across wide-area networks. It uses server-side computing, adaptive streaming and microfootprint clients to give access to data and tools on any wired/wireless Microsoft Windows-based PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, at any location with an internet or network connection. Mobility can be launched from the EMR or web portal, Agfa said.

For the radiology environment, Agfa is demonstrating its Impax RIS/PACS/Reporting solution, which carries functionalities for every user and enables customization to support any hospital's radiology workflow, from reception desk to inventory tracking, to integrated reporting with voice recognition and results distribution. It features a management reporting dashboard that provides productivity reports, the company said.

For the cardiology environment, the company is featuring its Impax Cardiovascular which has a vendor-independent approach to image and report management to manage and consolidate the entire cardiovascular patient record, including image review, processing and reporting for multiple modalities such as adult and pediatric echocardiography, vascular ultrasound and nuclear cardiology.

Agfa's Impax Scheduling is a web-based enterprise ordering, scheduling and planning solution that includes an electronic whiteboard to manage appointments and multiples resources in real-time.