Agfa, TeraRecon combine PACS, advanced visualization
Agfa HealthCare has teamed up with TeraRecon to combine the unified image and information management workflow of Agfa HealthCare's Impax 6 PACS with the advanced image processing of TeraRecon's iNtuition technology.

iNtuition provides a portfolio of advanced clinical tools for volumetric imaging modalities, such as CT, PET and MRI for visualization, interpretation, quantitative analysis, planning and follow-up. The joint effort will allow Agfa HealthCare to deliver an extended desktop that keeps pace with the reporting needs for today's complex imaging technologies, the companies stated.

According to Mortsel, Belgium-based Agfa, iNtuition for Impax delivers many benefits to the customer including: server-based processing, which eliminates the need for a workstation on every PC; full integration into the Impax Reporting workflow; the ability to save results as new images, series or reports to make them available to Impax Enterprise users; and the ability to store and serve images independently from the PACS, offering a tiered approach to image archiving.

The iNtuition suite also includes the zero-footprint AquariusWeb viewer, which allows access to a fully 3D interactive set of key image findings, including vascular analysis and other interactive quantitative results. AquariusWeb can be integrated with an EMR, because it can be launched from a URL referring to the iNtuition server and to the patient or study in question.

The system is available as a flexible software license that can be deployed across multiple servers as the needs and characteristics of the enterprise change or grow. It can be scaled up for additional capacity without the need to deploy or manage additional assets client-side, concluded the companies.

TeraRecon is based in Forest City, Calif.