Agilent launches atomic force microscopy
Agilent Technologies has launched a new atomic force microscopy (AFM) platform, 6000ILM AFM, that integrates the capabilities of an AFM with those of an inverted light microscope or an inverted confocal microscope.

The 6000ILM AFM lets life science researchers go beyond the optical diffraction limit to achieve nanoscale spatial resolution with unprecedented ease of use, said the Santa Clara, Calif.-headquartered Agilent.

"The new 6000ILM immediately extends the capabilities of optical microscopes by allowing molecular imaging, live-cell imaging, force studies and mechanical stimulus studies to be conducted with a single-system solution, all while preserving an efficient and natural workflow," said Jeff Jones, operations manager for Agilent's nanoinstrumentation facility in Chandler, Ariz. "The 6000ILM is ideal for studying cell membranes, the surface structure of cells, single DNA or RNA strands, individual proteins, single molecules, and biopolymers."