AMI launches PET imaging awareness kits
The Institute for Molecular Technologies (IMT), a council of the Academy of Molecular Imaging (AMI), on Friday introduced the ACE Awareness, Communication and Education program developed to generate awareness and enhance the quality of PET imaging. The ACE kits, which address all indications covered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for PET imaging, will be available July 1.

The ACE Referral Education Resource Kits are designed to educate referral audiences, with separate kits for oncologic and cardiac PET applications that include customizable materials such as program announcement templates, imaging algorithms, sample press releases, case studies, clinical reprints and patient education brochures. The ACE Interpretation Resource Kits provide resources to improve the skills of interpreting physicians that include protocols, case studies, clinical reprints, coding and reimbursement assistance, dictation pointers and sample reports.

"Imaging centers and physicians will find in ACE a valuable set of tools to educate referring physicians on the proper use and value of PET imaging," said IMT Chair Richard Frank, MD, PhD. "Even more importantly, ACE will ultimately make PET imaging more accessible to patients who need accurate information about their cancer or heart disease."