ART delivers two Optix systems to National Cancer Institute
Advanced Research Technologies (ART), a Montreal-based medical device company, has shipped the first of two of its Optix MX2 units ordered by the National Cancer Institute at Frederick in Maryland, a campus dedicated to biomedical research.

"We are very proud to see that the NCI has chosen our Optix molecular imaging systems to conduct its world-class research and to have them among our growing base of clients," said Sébastien Gignac, chairman and CEO of ART.

The Optix in vivo optical molecular imaging device enables the detection of lower concentrations of signals deeper inside the body. Also, part of the Optix product offering is a CT fusion software package allowing researchers to export the scan using Optix in DICOM format, and fuse it with microCT for a 3D anatomical reference, according to ART.