ART nets sale of optical molecular imaging system to UCLA nano institute
Advanced Research Technologies (ART) has sold its optical molecular imaging Optix MX2 system to the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

The CNSI will use Optix as part of its research in the development and evaluation of nanoparticles, which could act as sensitive probes that hone in on specific biological targets, all glowing in colors and functionalized with various biological molecules, including nucleic acids, proteins, peptides and small compounds, the Montreal-based ART said.

Shimon Weiss, MD, the head of the Single Molecule Biophysics Group at UCLA and the director of the CNSI’s Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy Core Facility and Macro-Scale Imaging Core Facility, said that in building its In Vivo Imaging Shared Facility, the facility adopted ART Optix MX2 time-domain based fluorescence imaging system as part of a collection of instrumentation for macro-scale molecular imaging.