ART scores Canadian backing
Advanced Research Technologies (ART), a Montreal-based developer of optical molecular imaging products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, has been awarded $500,000 ($445,000, U.S.) in repayable funding by the Canadian government for the commercialization of its Optix MX3 and SoftScan optical molecular imaging products in North America.

SoftScan and Optix-are based on technology that uses light to measure physiological changes in living tissue, indicating the presence of anomalies, tumors, or lesions. In clinical settings, the SoftScan system for breast imaging is demonstrating its importance as a tool for clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of breast cancer, ART said.

The Optix molecular imaging system is designed to visualize and characterize molecular events in small animals at the preclinical study phases of new drugs. A pre-commercial launch of the Optix MX3 was held this past May in Europe.