Best Theratronics to manufacture cyclotrons
Best Theratronics is manufacturing cyclotrons for the production of diagnostic and therapeutic medical isotopes to address the global medical isotope shortage.

Best Theratronics, based in Ottawa, Ontario, said it manufactures three types of Cyclotrons (14 MeV, 35 MeV and 70MeV) which will focus on isotopes used in PET, SPECT and therapy by virtue of their respective energies.

A B14p Cyclotron is allocated for a new molecular imaging facility in the Azores Islands, which is a cooperative project between Best Medical International which owns Best Theratonics, ISOPOR, a Portuguese spin off company of the Polytechnic Institute of Oporto, Portugal and the Azores government, according to the company.

“The cyclotrons produced at Best Theratonics and distributed by Best Cyclotrons Systems will allow uninterrupted production of isotopes for our brachytherapy supply,” said Krish Suthanthiran, president of Best Theratonics. “This new Cyclotron product line will also address the current lack of other isotopes.”