Bioptigen develops preclinical OCT styem
Bioptigen has created the spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SDOCT) imaging system for preclinical applications.

Called the Envisu R4300, it is the first Fourier-domain OCT system with depth-imaging capability in the 800-nanometers wavelength band. With an imaging depth of eight millimeters – plus better than five micrometer axial resolution – the Envisu R4300 is well suited for imaging deep eye structures for preclinical ophthalmic research and development.

In preliminary performance demonstrations, the Envisu R4300 captured images of the anterior segment. It can image an entire ocular lens capsule in vivo, as well as the positioning of an aphakic intraocular lens.

Its convertible objective lens system provides retinal imaging for visualization of outer retinal structures, choroid and structures of the optic nerve head. In small animal models, the Envisu R4300 provides whole-eye imaging suited to developmental biometry.