Bioscan opens subsidiary in France
Bioscan, a developer of preclinical imaging systems, has established a subsidiary in Dijon, France, Bioscan Molecular Imaging France (BMIF).

Specializing in multimodality preclinical research instrumentation, the Washington, D.C.-based company is an industrial partner of the IMAPPI (Integrated MR And PET in Preclinical Imaging) project, an effort funded by the French Commissariat Général à l'Investissement. IMAPPI is led by a consortium of academic and industrial partners.

As the Bioscan contribution to IMAPPI, BMIF will develop a prototype molecular imaging device integrating MRI technology with PET. The first studies using the new equipment are expected in early 2014.

Over the next five years, BMIF expects to recruit more than 20 positions in research and development (R&D) and support functions, representing an investment of more than EUR10 million ($12.74 million USD) by the parent company. The subsidiary will be responsible for the design and development of advanced imaging systems, including instrumentation, software, data processing and associated consumables.

Vice President of R&D and BMIF General Manager, Hein de Haas, PhD, will coordinate R&D activities within BMIF and supervise the IMAPPI-related work. Subsequently, the R&D team will aim to build on the results of the IMAPPI project to explore new applications in multimodal instrumentation and innovative imaging agents.

Bioscan said that BMIF's researchers and engineers will face the challenge of removing technological barriers inherent to the juxtaposition of radioactivity and strong magnetic fields within the same equipment. BMIF will work with the various institutes and laboratories attached to the University of Burgundy, as well as smaller biotechnology companies located near the campus and the GIE Pharm'image cyclotron facility.