BioServe and Fox Chase Cancer Center align on oncology biomaterials
BioServe and Fox Chase Cancer Center have aligned to provide greater access to repository of oncology biomaterials to overcome a major 'bottleneck' in cancer research programs.

BioServe's alliance with Fox Chase in Philadelphia for the distribution of biospecimens will span for two years and this will assure a stable and renewable source of biosamples for ongoing and concurrent research programs. The scope and sustainability of specimens collected by Fox Chase covers nearly every major solid tumor type, said Rama Modali, president of BioServe, based in Beltsville, Md.

As a result, tissue and blood specimens collected for the repository can trace each anonymized patient's pathway from pre-diagnosis to treatment and through long-term follow up care. Fox Chase specimens collected at each stage are supported by annotations that include medical histories, records of treatment protocols as well as outcomes, according to BioServe.