Bruker introduces desktop MRI system
Bruker introduced a new desktop MRI scanner, to bring preclinical MRI within reach for a broader range of molecular imaging laboratories at the 2010 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Kyoto, Japan this week.

The new MRI scanner, Icon, uses a cryogen-free permanent magnet from Aspect Magnet Technologies and AVANCE III spectrometer technology with preclinical MRI software ParaVision from Bruker. Optional software modules enable the Icon to perform the latest MRI applications, such as relaxometry mapping, fast echo-planar imaging, ultra-short echo time lung imaging or contrast agent research, added Bruker.

Even with a field strength of 1 Tesla, the Icon has zero magnetic fringe, enabling safe location of the system in any facility and use by any operator with no additional shielding, said the company.