Cash, recognition await winners of healthcare technology management competition
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Healthcare Technology Management magazine has issued a call for entries in its new workplace-performance competition, the Best Practices in Healthcare Technology Management Awards.

The magazine will award five winning entrants a cash prize of $500 and present the winning entries—descriptions of entrants’ respective best practices—in an upcoming issue of the print magazine and on

To be eligible, entrants must work fulltime for a hospital or other healthcare-provider entity. Nominating entries may describe best practices applied to any area of activity related to healthcare technology management.

The contest’s online entry form asks for descriptions of particulars in fewer than 500 words as follows:
  • Title. Please give your best practice a name.
  • Background. Describe the problem at the facility or department before the best practice was developed or identified.
  • Objectives. What did the facility or department wish to achieve?
  • Steps. Describe the actions that, together, add up to the best practice.
  • Results. What problem has the best practice solved or what opportunity has it opened?
  • Impact. What has been the overall impact of the best practice on patient care, operational efficiency, staffing, managing costs or any combination of these?

Deadline for submissions is May 4.