Changes in Gamma Medica-Ideas management team
Digital medical imaging device developer Gamma Medica-Ideas (GM-I) has appointed three executive to its management team: Samir Chowdury, MD, as senior VP and chief operating officer of U.S. operations; Koki Yoshioka, MD, as senior VP and general manager of Norwegian operations; and David Lapointe as senior VP and marketing and general manager of Canadian operations.
Formerly of Siemens Medical Group nuclear medicine group, Chowdury has been a VP at GM-I since 2005. Yoshioka had previously been senior VP of development and engineering of Ideas ASA prior to GM-I’s acquisition of that company, and he has been the general manager of GM-I’s Norwegian operations for the past 12 years. Lapointe co-founded Advanced Molecular Imaging in 2003, which was acquired by GM-I, for whom he worked since that time.