Danish University conducts workshop for radioisotope producers
Isotope producers are attending the 13th workshop on "Targetry and Target Chemistry” held from July 25-28 at Risoe National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde, Denmark.

The workshop has been held since 1985 at leading research institutions in Europe and North America with two-year intervals. This year’s workshop involves around 135 scientists (physicists, chemists and engineers) from Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico; Brookhaven National Lab in New York City; CERN in Geneva, Switzerland; University of Lund in Sweden; Karlsruhe, Germany; Odense, Denmark; Aarhus, Denmark and many other places, according to Risoe National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy.

The scientists will exchange knowledge and ideas on isotope production, controlled nuclear reactions, fusion processes and radiation protection as well as discuss the use of nuclear physics for the benefit of medical science, research and community, said Risoe National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy.