Dutch institute reaps $21M for molecular research
The Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM), an Eindhoven, Netherlands-based institute for research in molecular techniques for the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer, has launched a new EUR16 million ($21.26 million) project, called TraIT (Translational research IT).

This addition to the CTMM project portfolio aims to develop an IT infrastructure for translational medicine that will facilitate the collection, storage, analysis, archiving, sharing and securing of the data generated in the CTMM's operational translational research projects. The TraIT project will build on existing expertise to create an IT infrastructure that will help to accelerate the translational research in the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector.

The TraIT project is a joint initiative between CTMM, Dutch Cancer Society, Dutch Heart Foundation, the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU), the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre, the String of Pearls Initiative and the Netherlands eScience Center.

The size and variability of the datasets produced in CTMM projects, ranging from -omics, imaging, laboratory and clinical datasets and their distribution over different research partners involved requires an informatics infrastructure that allows for the integration and sharing of new and legacy data, as well as data analysis, according to the center.

CTMM said it has already set the benchmark for multisite, multidisciplinary cooperation in translational medical research and aims to repeat that success by providing infrastructure tools that will be of benefit beyond the CTMM community. In particular, these benefits will include the long-term academic and economic advantages of securing datasets relating to large patient cohorts so that they can be data mined by future generations of researchers.