ECR: Philips launches PET/CT scanner, dose feedback solution
Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands launched the Gemini LXL, a new PET/CT scanner, and DoseAware, a new dose-reducing solution for interventional procedures at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2010 this week in Vienna.

The GeminiLXL features crystal and detector technology, said the company. The new scanner has 4D PET/CT imaging capabilities and has applications in oncology and cardiology. PET reconstruction and 4D PET/CT imaging can result in reconstruction and accuracy with patient motion management.

Philips also showcased DoseAware, a system that allows the team members to make the real time assessment of radiation dose in order to minimize x-ray dose during a procedure. DoseAware consists of wireless real time radiation badges, worn by all of the members of the team, and displaying the scattered x-ray dose being absorbed by every member of the team, allowing feedback by the operator to reduce x-ray dose.