Editorial Calendar
2008 Editorial Calendar
January / February (Issue topics)
Cardiac Images & the EMR
The Economics of Coronary Intervention
Cardiovascular pharmaceutical treatment of hypertension and hyperlipidemia
Medical Displays for Viewing Cardiac Images
SPECT – Holding Its Own
Better Care Through Evidence-Based Medicine
Network Infrastructure
Marketing Your Cardiovascular Practice; Technology As the Differentiator
Data Disaster Recovery Strategies
IT for the Office-based Practice
March / April (Issue topics)
Refining Clinical Workflow
Cardiology PACS
Cardiac CT for the Community Hospital
The Integrated Cardiac Record
Increasing EP Lab Efficiency
Digital Cath Lab ROI
Cardiac Imaging Reimbursement
Maximize Your Billing Process
Current Trends in ICDs
May / June (Issue topics)
SPECT/CT for Detecting Cardiac Disease
Integrating Echo Images into the Image Management Strategy
Cardiac CTA Strategic Planning
Financing New Technologies
MR & Stroke
Hemodynamic Monitoring
Integrated Cardiac Image Viewing
IHE in Cardiology
Lessons in Accreditation
July / August (Issue topics)
Cath Lab Site Planning
Combining MR, CT and FDG-PET
Credentialing Your Practice
Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS)
EKG Image Management
Staffing Benchmarks
Technologies that Give Your Practice / Facility the Competitive Edge
Alliances in Cardiology: Joint Ventures
Maximizing Reimbursement
September / October (Issue topics)
From Cath Lab to Interventional Lab
Practice Management Software
PACS for the Cardiac Practice
SPECT for the Physician Group Practice
MR + PET Imaging
Minimizing Dose in Cardiac CT
Profiles in Heart Hospitals: Studies in Excellence
3D Cardiac Images
New Uses for the EP Lab
November / December (Issue topics)
What’s Next in Cardiac CT
Re-engineering Workflow
Inside Nuclear Cardiology
Integrated Cardiac Monitoring
Digital Angiography: Purchasing Considerations
Materials Management in the Cath Lab
Tech Assessment: MR Angiography