Executive announcements: Radlink, Siemens
Radlink announced that Alan Davalou has joined the company as its first chief marketing officer.

Davalou most recently served as senior program manager for the development of workflow applications at Xerox Corporation, where he managed and developed software releases for Web services and other document management solutions. At Radlink, he will be charged with overseeing the company's overall global marketing strategy, business development efforts, and customer support and relations.

The Molecular Imaging division of Siemens Medical Solutions will use their new research imaging agent in Wyeth Pharmaceuticals’ clinical studies of Alzheimer's disease. The new Alzheimer's imaging agent - which recently received FDA clearance to begin clinical trials - searches for amyloid plaques and neuronal tangles in the brain than can ultimately cause cell death. This could enable doctors to identify the areas of the brain affected, and differentiate it from other neurological diseases.