FDA greenlights GE imaging agent for cancer detection
The FDA has approved GE Healthcare’s AdreView (Iobenguane I 123 Injection), a molecular imaging agent for the detection of neuroendocrine tumors in children and adults. 

“AdreView also will provide reliable imaging data to aid in identifying primary and metastatic pheochromocytoma, a predominantly adult tumor that often presents diagnostic challenges for clinicians,” said Arnold Jacobson, MD, PhD, GE’s clinical project leader for the AdreView program. He added that it will have an impact on improving diagnostic assessment of pediatric cancer patients with neuroblastoma.

AdreView also can be used with SPECT imaging, a valuable addition for localizing sites of disease in the body, according to the company.

GE said it expects to begin supplying the new agent to hospitals and imaging centers throughout the United States in the coming weeks.