Florida State nuke lab nets $5M grant
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a $5 million, three-year grant to fund ongoing research titled "Studies of Nuclear Reactions and Structure" at Florida State University. The project was previously awarded $4.4 million by the NSF in 2008.

At FSU's John D. Fox Superconducting Accelerator Laboratory, members of the physics faculty use the NSF funding to conduct research in experimental nuclear physics while also preparing graduate students for careers in defense, homeland security, nuclear medicine, industry, academia and basic research.

Florida State said the NSF grant will enable the purchase of research equipment and provide support for graduate students and some lab staff.

The accelerator laboratory houses the RESOLUT ion facility, a particle collider that has been used to conduct nuclear experiments since 2007. With RESOLUT, researchers are able to fire a beam of atomic particles through a steel tube at speeds approaching 60 million miles per hour—roughly one-tenth the speed of light—and then observe the nuclear reactions that occur.