Gamma Medica pre-clinical imaging system installed at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Gamma Medica-Ideas announced last week the installation of one of its FLEX Pre-Clinical Imaging Systems at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

The dual-modality SPECT/CT system will be used in the laboratory of Juri G. Gelovani, MD, chairman of the Department of Experimental Diagnostic Imaging at M.D. Anderson. A leading authority on molecular imaging, Gelovani's research is focused on developing new approaches to molecular imaging that will help detect cancer earlier and enable care teams to assess the extent of the disease sooner, with the goal of improving diagnosis, therapy, and management of cancer.

"The advantages of multi-modality imaging instruments are widely recognized in the radiological molecular imaging community. The FLEX Pre-Clinical Imaging System is very reliable and provides high-resolution SPECT images that are very accurately fused with corresponding CT images," said Gelovani, in a release. "We will use the system in the pre-clinical phase of development of novel radiolabeled agents for imaging tumor-specific biomarkers for tumor detection and selection of effective therapies, for monitoring of treatment response, for biodistribution studies of novel radiolabeled tumor-targeted drugs, and for imaging genetic and cellular therapies of cancer."