GE expands German collaboration for molecular imaging research
GE Healthcare and the Fraunhofer Institut für Toxikologie und Experimentelle Medizin (Fraunhofer ITEM) in Hanover, Germany, have signed a strategic collaboration in the field of molecular imaging and its application to the development of novel cancer therapeutics.

The research project will apply toxicogenomic and pharmagenomic techniques to assess the effectiveness and side-effects of potential new drugs at a very early stage in their development.

Under the terms of the agreement, GE said it will invest research funds for three years and provide active scientific support with its molecular imaging knowledge. The objective is to jointly develop new methods of molecular imaging for use in drug development, with a particular focus on immuno-nanoparticles for the treatment of lung and liver cancers, according to the companies.

The agreement expands the collaboration agreement between GE and Fraunhofer ITEM which began 2005, and from which the institute has applied GE’s eXplore Vista, eXplore Locus and eXplore Optix devices in an animal imaging approach.

The collaboration between GE and Professor Jürgen Borlak’s team at Fraunhofer ITEM is a step in applying the field of molecular imaging to the development of new treatments for diseases such as lung and liver cancer, according to Bernd von Polheim, president of GE Healthcare in Germany.